Tricks of the Trade: Top Home Selling Strategies and Tips

Would-be home sellers often ask, “What can I do to sell my house fast?” In their search for answers, they are almost always willing to try a variety of tricks. Some, if not most, of these don’t always work.

The truth is a lot of factors come into play when it comes to selling a home. The state of the market, for one. And then, there are unforeseen players that can affect the sale. It could be issues about the home that were only recently discovered or contingencies falling through.

The most important thing you can do is to prepare for the sale and follow the best practices and home selling strategies, such as the tips included in the list below. These are tried-and-tested tricks that will help you enjoy a smooth and successful home sale.

Find the right listing price

The right price can do wonders for your home sale. It can quickly garner buyer interest, which is instrumental in securing a fast transaction. The challenge here lies on determining the actual figure.

There are several things you can do. A home appraisal starts things off in the right track, informing you of the property’s value as the market stands. A comparative market analysis from your real estate agent determines how your home stacks up against other similar homes in the neighborhood. These “comps” can include properties that are currently for sale and homes that were recently sold in the past six months.

Searching online for the prices of similar homes for sale in your area also helps in gauging the competition. How you feel about the property has no say in its price tag. Keep it objective and consult with your real estate agent. Read more tips on price setting here.

Maximize curb appeal

One other aspect of your property that can attract potential home buyers is how it looks on the outside. A home for sale with a great curb appeal will not only invite buyers who are actively looking for properties but those who are only interested (but can be convinced) as well.

Why? First impressions matter. High points in curb appeal give potential buyers the impression that the property is in tip-top condition. It invites them to stay, come and take a look inside, and perhaps even encourage them to make an offer.

The trick is to entice prospective buyers even before they set foot inside the property. And so, some sellers go to great lengths in order to improve their curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint (in a neutral and attractive color) for the property’s exterior is not enough. Landscaping matters, too. And that includes making sure the surroundings are as clean as possible.

That said, sellers often only focus on daytime curb appeal. How your property looks at night is just as important. Outdoor lighting and other landscaping elements can make all the difference. Learn more about curb appeal improvement here.

Stage your home

If curb appeal is all about making a great first impression, home staging is about making sure your property leaves a lasting imprint among potential home buyers. This is done through the art of highlighting the property’s best features, masking its weaknesses, and allowing buyers to visualize themselves living in it.

Home staging, however, isn’t as straightforward as simply decorating a house. There is a certain psychology to it. For instance, low-profile furnishings are great to use in spaces with high ceilings to emphasize this aspect of the home. Longer drapes and curtains can make a smaller space feel taller. And certain textures and materials can make the home feel much more comfortable and welcoming.

In home staging, you are dressing up the property for its (hopefully) new owners, not for yourself. And as such, practicalities also come into play. The way the home is staged should appeal to your target market. If you are selling your property as a vacation home, you need to incorporate that lifestyle into the staging plan. If the property is meant to be the place where one can grow their family, design elements that play into this scenario are a must. Here are essential home staging tips for every room in the house.

Preparing a home for sale involves a lot of work

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