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Why you Should Consider Investing in the Cabo and Todos Santos Pacific Side Real Estate Market

What else is there to find in Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico? Not that there’s any problem with sports fishing, golf tournaments, and wild nightlife party clubs, but we always look for something extra, especially when talking about making a significant investment in a local, luxury real estate property in the Baja. Cue a hidden gem of scenery and high-end comfort, connecting San Lucas and Todos Santos: the Pacific Side.

With a decidedly more laidback attitude than the more commercial side of BCS, much like its adjacent Todos Santos, the Pacific Side encompasses a whole suite of added value to its properties, from the impressive vistas to the protected ecosystems of the Sierra Laguna. 

Of course, a single paragraph won’t do much. Still, neither will an expansive list, which is why in this article, you’ll find a brief run-through of the benefits and qualities of both the Pacific Side, BCS lifestyle, and the best communities and real estate developments on offer, waiting for the right customer to take the deal.

The Benefits of the Cabo San Lucas Pacific Side Lifestyle

Natural attractions are essential to the Pacific Side’s lifestyle. Here laying down and basking in the sun, attending a resort, or perhaps going to explore the surrounding wilderness is par for the course for the day-to-day of the happy home and condo owners. 

The Incomparable Quality of the Cabo Pacific Side Beaches. Comfort at San Pedro, Adventure with Surfing Cerritos Mexico, to name a few.

Playa Cerritos, El Pescadero, San Pedro, Migriño, Old Lighthouse, and the list goes on. The quality of the Cabo Pacific Side bays is right there amongst the best, alongside Palmilla and El Medano. 

Whether you’re looking to have a laidback afternoon with friends or family, take some fantastic pictures, or perhaps seek a challenge should you happen to enjoy surfing and taming waves, the Pacific Side has you covered.  

Exploration and Adventure at the Pacific Side’s Sierra Laguna, and Whale and Wildlife Watching

After a day of basking in the sun and fine weather or enjoying some good surf at the bay, you might get that adventurous or explorative itch, something you can well appease thanks to the natural wellspring that is the Pacific Side. 

If you’re a fan of hiking to the top of the journey as much as the destination, then Sierra Laguna is your best bet for an early morning Sunday trip. Getting up early, packing your things, and taking in the sights of the lush vegetation, rivers, and lakes as you go along is sure to recharge you right up for another week.

Perhaps you’re more so an on-the-water person, which case you’ll do mighty fine by taking one of the many wildlife watching boat tours around. Going around the coast and getting to meet the sprawling sea lion populations or having a seasonal encounter with a humpback whale is sure to liven up your social media feed.

Enjoy Luxury and World Class Golf Courses at the Pacific Side

Nothing speaks high-end quite like scoring hole-in-ones at a beachside, if not ocean view, course, which is what you’ll find at the Pacific Side. 

Rancho San Lucas, Quivira, Pueblo Bonito are all renowned spots to enjoy your high-end hobby (or sport). At the same time, you indirectly aid the environment of the Pacific Side, thanks to the care given by the landscapers and its maintenance. Like having your cake and eating it too!

The Promising Communities and Cabo and Todos Santos Real Estate Developments of the Pacific Side

Having gotten a taste of the Pacific lifestyle, now’s the time to get to the real meat of the article, the most promising communities and homes for sale in Todos Santos and Cabo on offer. 

Of course, rather than bog you down with every single listing, the specific housing deal, or even we’ll instead show you the key locations to consider before you start searching MLS and listings without a sense of direction, rhyme, or even reason. 

Todos Santos Beachfront Real Estate for Sale at Pescadero and Cerritos, Some of the Best in the Pacific Side 

You can’t talk about high-end living conditions at the Pacific Side without mentioning the homes for sale in Pescadero and Cerritos, Mexico. These investments look big on paper, but the property in Pescadero and Cerritos is very much well worth it.

These properties are of consistent quality and size, with most of them offering at least three to four bedrooms, complete sets of amenities, and gated 24/7 security. That’s also without mentioning that these are beachfront, if not oceanview, properties, which, naturally, raises the bar in terms of added value. 

Suppose you want to buy comfortable living, walking distance from the world-class beaches of the Pacific Side, a healthy, safe community. Then you really can’t go wrong by double-checking the Pescadero Cabo and Cerritos beach real estate for sale. 

A True Diamond in the Figurative Sense: Diamante Ocean Club Residencies, of the Best Cabo Pacific Side Luxury Real Estate

Upping the ante, we’ve got a symbolic diamond, and not in the slightest bit rough: the Diamante Ocean Club Residencies. These residences boast fully-equipped oceanfront condos and houses with fantastic ocean views, world-class services, and amenities. Surrounded by the incredible vistas of the Baja, this set of top-of-the-line properties may well prove to be one of, if not the best real estate investment you’ll ever make.

That’s also without taking into account the crown of Diamante golf: Tiger Woods-designed Oasis Short Course, which might as well make the country club lovers out there enter tunnel-vision with some of these properties in mind.

The Cream of the Crop of Luxury Beachfront Real Estate Properties:

If you aim high, then aim for St. Regis Residencies. Boasting spectacular, 5-star oceanfront houses, this private community is set in the much-revered Quivira area of Los Cabos, giving it all the added value it could have previous celebrity ownership notwithstanding. 

The added value includes impeccable furnishings, amenities, beachfront proximity, incomparable status, and a world-renowned Jack Nicklaus oceanfront course membership. You’ll get all that and much more at St. Regis! 

Reasons why you Should Invest in Pacific Side Real Estate Now!

With all that said and done, it should come as no surprise that the real estate scene at the Pacific Side is a veritable hotspot of ongoing deals and closings, which is why you should probably not mull over it too much. If you like what you see and you want to make that dream home (or condo) come to life, then go ahead and send us a message or give us a call.

Real estate deals in Mexico might sound confusing and convoluted, but with the proper, experienced aid of one of our realtor agents, you’ll be able to land that much-yearned for property in no time. 

Finding the best Todos Santos, Pescadero, and Cerritos MLS listings, the best possible locations, and the best possible cost ranges and deals (be it for sale, presale, or even rental) is menial day-to-day for our experts. So, rest assured, that beachside property is as good as yours!

Home on the Pacific with pool and palapa on golf course
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