Sancta Residences La Paz: A New Era of Urban Living with Ian Gengos & Melissa Ruiz

Join Ian Gengos from Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Baja Real Estate, as he brings you an exciting update from the project site of Sancta Residences in La Paz. In this conversation, Ian is joined by Melissa Ruiz, a key member of the KOAMET development team, to discuss the unique aspects and the importance of the Sancta Residences project.

Melissa sheds light on KOAMET’s professional project management role and expertise in ensuring the aesthetic, functional, and financial feasibility of their developments. She shares insights into KOAMET’s diverse portfolio, which includes everything from commercial ventures to luxury residential projects like Casatara in La Ventana.

Discover why Sancta Residences is not just another development but a symbol of spacious, luxurious living in a prime location in La Paz. Melissa, a native of La Paz, highlights the project’s proximity to the city’s future gastronomic center, the stunning Bay of La Paz, and the vibrant Malecon. The rooftop amenities are set to offer panoramic views of the city, complete with fire pits and a large swimming pool, ensuring a perfect blend of community and family space.

As Ian and Melissa explore the project, they emphasize that lifestyle is the new currency. Sancta Residences is poised to offer an unparalleled living experience in La Paz, combining luxury, community, and the best local culture.

Stay tuned as we bring more updates and insights on this magnificent project. If you want to experience the best of La Paz, Sancta Residences is the place to be. Thanks for watching, and we hope to welcome you here soon!

Conversation between Ian Gengos and Melissa Ruiz about Sancta Residences

Ian Gengos: Hey, guys. Ian Gengos, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Baja Real Estate, coming to you again live today from our project site at Sancta Residences in La Paz. And I’m joined today by Melissa Ruiz. She is part of the KOAMET development team we partnered with to bring you this initiative.

Melissa, thank you. Tell us a little about KOAMET, what they’ve done, and why this Sancta Residences project is so important for all of us.

Melissa Ruiz: Hi, and thank you for being here with us. KOAMET is a firm that specializes in professional project management. We coordinate every aspect that needs the development and the project to be executed.

We do it from the aesthetics, the functionality, and the financial feasibility of the project. We take care to bring the best people into the project to deliver the best, well, the best development. And we have done many projects in Culiacán and here in Baja. We have done hotels like Casatara in La Ventana. We are constructing a very big residential house in Aventana as well. And we have many projects around the country, 

Ian Gengos: So essentially very diverse, everything from commercial to luxury residential to multifamily. I know department stores, so very experienced in delivering all sorts of projects to the community. What specifically about Sancta makes it unique and important for KOAMET in La Paz?

Melissa Ruiz: Well, we want to bring more spacious condominiums. We are in a privileged area of La Paz, so people need a space and a community. 

Ian Gengos: Enjoy everything La Paz has to offer, right? We’re right off the Malecon, so people can enjoy many things. What is it that you see the residents of Sancta being able to do when they take ownership and enjoy what’s around them? What is there that’s close? You’re a resident of La Paz. You’re a pazeña born and raised. So tell us, what can we expect from our clients who choose to call Sancta home?

Melissa Ruiz: Well, we are very close to what is going to be the biggest gastronomic center of the city. They are opening a lot of restaurants with great gastronomy. If people have come here, the food here is amazing. We are a few steps from the Bay of La Paz and will have amazing amenities on the rooftop. We did that purposefully because we wanted to give a panoramic view of the city. The Malecon is beautiful, so everybody will be able to enjoy it. And we will put in fire pits and a big swimming pool. It’s going to be like a very family and community place. 

Ian Gengos: And I think that’s super important. Lifestyle is the new currency, and if you’re looking for that here in La Paz, take it from not me but a pazeña, who knows what’s what about La Paz. Sancta Residences will be the place to truly experience all La Paz offers.

Thanks for joining us. We look forward to seeing you all here soon. 

Watch the conversation between Ian Gengos and Melissa Ruiz in the video below.

Sancta Residences has 21 condos offering the best urban living a stone’s throw from the Malecon and all of the great amenities and things to do that downtown La Paz is famous for. Check it out. Reservations only at this point, but they’re already starting to go, and we will go live soon.

Discover your dream home at SANCTA and experience a life where the beauty of nature is woven into the very fabric of your living space. The condominiums are more than just homes; they reflect the unique blend of nature, tradition, and modernity that makes La Paz special. 

More information about Sancta Residences in La Paz is available here.

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