10 Things to Consider when Buying a Beachfront Home

Fantastic ocean views, refreshing sea breezes, and a general feeling of well-being welcome you when you live in a beachfront home in the Baja. If your experience in this charming destination has you searching for Los Cabos houses for sale, arm yourself with knowledge.

Here’s a quick homebuyer’s guide for purchasing the right beachfront property in the Baja.

Structure and materials 

Pay special attention to a beach home’s foundation and structure, because they’re more exposed to damage caused by hurricanes. To reduce this risk in your own investment, look for beachfront homes built from weather-resistant materials. Treated wood, metal, stone, and concrete resist rot, corrosion, and strong winds particularly well.


The same thing that attracts visitors to Los Cabos – perpetual sunshine – can damage a roof and shorten its lifespan. Before you close on a property, request a roof inspection. You don’t want to be saddled with an expensive roof repair just as you’re settling in your new home. Metal roofs, while more costly, resist sun and wind damage. Terracotta and stucco roofs can be brittle but are known for their longevity.

Water access 

Having the beach just out front is a unique luxury readily available to beach house owners. Since laws vary from one locality to another, find out what activities are allowed on the beach and waters near you. Many beaches along Los Cabos are protected or Blue Flag certified. As such, they must adhere to special environmental regulations, so that locals and visitors can enjoy their beauty for years to come.


Half of living in paradise is landing in a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle. As you narrow down your options for beachfront homes, visit each community a home is located in at different days and times. This will give you a better picture of your future surroundings.


Because of greater exposure to the elements, beachfront homes command higher insurance premiums than inland homes. Protect your home for a reasonable rate by comparing plans from several providers. Ask about the extent of coverage and pay close attention to the claims you can file for flood damage. Not all insurance providers offer the coverage you want, so be prepared to sign up for more than one plan to get your home fully covered.

Income opportunities 

If your beach home will remain vacant for several months at a time, rent it out to generate passive income. Multi-bedroom rooms do very well in the rental market and can fetch a decent amount of money, which can then go into home maintenance. Whether or not you’re buying in a community with a homeowners’ association (HOA), find out if you have to fulfill any special requirements for renting out your home.



Coastal land is a limited resource, and that’s another reason why beach houses are often bought and sold at a premium. Because of the larger sums involved, buyers often have to apply for jumbo loans to finance their purchase. Obtaining this loan requires a more stringent approval process. Prepare well in advance of your home search to secure the financing you need in a timely manner.


Land and outdoor Areas 

Aside from knowing how far the property is from the water, beachfront homebuyers should also focus on the land that the house is on. Larger parcels of land offer greater appreciation and more room for future expansions, but also require additional maintenance. Since the value of a beach home is tied to its surroundings, always consider what amenities your future home offers (a wide lawn, ocean-facing views, decks and patios for open-air leisure and dining).


Property management 

The constant onslaught of the elements requires more frequent and extensive maintenance.. If you want to spend more time enjoying your home rather than constantly maintaining it, look for homes in an HOA community. In exchange for monthly dues, the HOA will assume a certain amount of maintenance off your hands.If an HOA community isn’t right for you, you still have the option of hiring a property manager to keep your home shipshape.


Hire a beachfront specialist

Beachfront homes are a special niche, and hiring a Realtor with extensive experience on these coastal homes can greatly increase the success of your home search. Agents who specialize in beach houses can help you refine your search and also act as a second set of eyes – a set already familiar with the local community, a location’s assets, and the telltale signs of a home requiring repairs.

Find your perfect Los Cabos beach home

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