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The Benefits of Investing in Property in Todos Santos

Located at the Pacific Coast, 45 miles north of Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico, sits comfortably and secluded. A lush, beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert, which more than earned its place amongst Mexico’s widely known Pueblos Magicos, roughly translated as Magical Towns. 

Naturally, this quality of lifestyle has influenced the value of the Todos Santos real estate market, positioning it as one of the premier locations for property, condo, and home investment in the last twenty years, be it sale, purchase, or rental. With its cobblestone streets, refurbished colonial look, and impressive natural backdrop all around, Todos Santos proves a phenomenal ownership option for those interested in that dream, beachfront vacation home.

In this article, you will find a concise run-through of all the things that make the Todos Santos houses for sale the low-key property investment juggernaut it’s been shaping up to be and why you should consider giving it more than just a passing glance. This information is an excellent read if you search for homes in Baja, in Todos Santos.

The Benefits of the Todos Santos Lifestyle

Fitting to its Magical Pueblo moniker, Todos Santos boasts an array of natural and picturesque places-to-be, a lot more down-to-earth and less tourist-oriented than the rest of the Cabo Corridor. Here’s a quick list of the things to expect from the lifestyle of this beautiful, verdant slice of the Baja.

Calm Private Beaches and Prime Surfing Areas

Following the theme of comfort and privacy, Todos Santos offers excellent, secluded beaches for you to enjoy a pleasant afternoon with friends or family. From the beach at El Pescadero, a tranquil cove near the eponymous fishing village, to the Playa Cerritos, more so a sightseeing spot with imposing seaside cliffs but an incomparable backdrop for your social media feed.

Of course, having a swell time isn’t the only thing available in the bays of Todos Santos. If riding the waves is more your speed, there’s always Playa San Pedro, a favorite of the BCS surfing community.

Hiking and Climbing at Sierra de la Laguna

A 13-mile hike across the sierra should do well to complement your me-time at the bay. Lush vegetation, year-round water pools, and an incomparable ocean view at the very top. The Sierra de la Laguna is a sure hit for all those adventurous at heart or simply looking to add some variety to their lax day-to-day.

Baja Style Cuisine and Oceanfront Restaurants

As always, one cannot forget about the top-quality restaurants of the Baja, and Todos Santos is no different. With equal doses of variety, quality, and freshness, you can find just about everything in this quaint beachside backdrop, more often than not in a low-key, oceanfront package.

Artisan Shops, the Local Art Scene, and Festivals of Todos Santos

Much like San Jose, Todos Santos is one of the Baja’s main cultural hubs, offering handcrafted artisan work, from woven textiles to fine jewelry, every piece of art a story put to shape. 

That’s not all, though; much like the neighbor mentioned above, Todos Santos is widely known for its cultural festivals, where you can find all sorts of local cuisine, handcrafted beverages, and some of those sweet live performances to spice up your Sunday evening.

The Promising Scene and Developments of Homes for Sale in Todos Santos Mexico

Given the qualities above, it’s safe to say that Todos Santos is well on its way to becoming a real estate rising star up there with the best of them, and what’s even better, it’s still comparatively fresh. 

While not as bountiful in options, the inherent quality of said options more than makes up for any diminishment in quantity. It is not only because of the value of the Todos Santos real estate available but because of its location.

Yes, the natural sights are a great incentive to consider, but little to no traffic bloats the area. Yet, it directly connects to Cabo San Lucas and La Paz, making Todos Santos an accurate picture of comfort and an investment you won’t regret.

Speaking of investments, here’s a pair of promising real estate for sale in Todos Santos for you to dip your toes in:

The Latest in Todos Santos Beachfront Real Estate and Condos: Soleado Cerritos

Located right next to the beach, as mentioned above, Soleado Cerritos is a condo and resort development filled to the brim with spectacular offers for both sales and pre-sale. Beachfront properties of pristine condition, amenities, restaurants, swimming and surfing spots, and, of course, a secure community for safe living. Better hurry!

The Best Quality and Comfort in Todos Santos Mexico Real Estate: Tortuga del Sol

Accompanying Soleado, we’ve got Tortuga del Sol, a gated, beachfront community located in front of the famous Cerritos beach and within walking distance from the restaurants and hotels of the area. 

What’s best about Tortuga del Sol, however, is its accessibility. While not high-end as some San Lucas or San Jose properties, Tortuga offers far more building space for those looking not to purchase or rent but make a project their own.

Take Advantage of the Early Developments of Todos Santos Real Estate 

While it is true that most, if not all, properties in the lucrative Baja California Sur region are in a constant game of “first come, first served,” there’s not one place that best encapsulates this other than Todos Santos. Thanks to its low-key and laidback nature, this quaint neighbor of the more tourist-oriented locations offers cost accessibility as much as it does quality of construction and backdrop.

So, don’t sit around and wait. Contact us or visit our office, and our experienced realtor agents will be sure to give you the most in-depth run-through of all the Todos Santos real estate MLS and listings and overall possibilities the market has to offer.

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